The Creative Team:

Writer / Guitarist / Vocalist:
Lisa Jones Bromfield - R.N., B.A. biology, educator, songwriter, musician.
Lisa began writing these songs while a student of anatomy & physiology while working towards a career as an RN.  The first song (Menses, Menses) was written as an honors project.  The song was so well received by the students that she decided to write some more.  Her experience as a special education teacher had already revealed to her the power of music to enhance learning and so this project was born.  Lisa wrote the lyrics for all of the songs and wrote the music for some of the songs alone and some with the help of her musical collaborator and husband, talented multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, Bill Bromfield.  Lisa and Bill have been a musical team for almost 20 years, writing and performing music in the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast and parts of the south.  You can learn more about their other musical projects at

Producer / Engineer / Writer / Multi-Instrumentalist:
Bill Bromfield - critically acclaimed musician and producer.
Bill graciously dove right into this project which at times seemed in a foreign language.  He brought great arrangements and great melodies to the project and has learned a lot of anatomy & physiology along the way.  Bill has produced other artists when he is not performing and recording with Lisa.  You can learn more about Bill's music at

Editor / Consultant:
Ramon Selove - M.S., professor of anatomy & physiology, Lord Fairfax Community College, Middletown, VA.
Ramon instigated the whole idea for this project after Lisa and some classmates sang a song Lisa wrote for a group project called "The Celiac Blues."  He immediately saw the potential for music to help students of A&P and shared that idea with Lisa.  Ramon thinks and teaches outside of the box and has helped many students at Lord Fairfax Community College launch careers in the biological sciences.