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1) Homeostasis (4:18) basics on homeostasis
2) The pH King (5:05) acid/base balance
3) Give Me Some Bones (4:35) bone physiology & axial skeleton
4) Appendicularly Speaking* (4:44) appendicular skeleton
5) Cranial Nerve Boogie (4:31) function & tests of cranial nerves
6) Jerking Me Around (3:33) Reflexes
7) The Brain Song (4:00) location & function of parts of brain
8) My Oh Myosin (3:36) Muscle function
9) Bloodline, Lifeline (5:07) circulation
10) Groovin’ on the Nephron Line (3:50) journey of filtrate through nephron
11) Renin is Runnin’ (3:24) renin-angiotensin system
12) Hormones Rule (5:10) hormones & endocrine organs
13) Menses, Menses (3:56) menstruation
14) The Ballad of Cap & Corona* (4:38) gamete movement and fertilization

Lisa Jones Bromfield: vocals, acoustic guitar
Bill Bromfield: guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion, backing vocals
Ramon Selove: technical consultant for Anatomy and Physiology content

Produced by Bill Bromfield

All songs written by Lisa Jones Bromfield except * written by Lisa Jones Bromfield and Bill Bromfield

© 2008 by Lisa Jones Bromfield and William M. Bromfield.  All rights reserved.