Graphic Organizers

Graphic organizers are a way to organize information.  This can help maintain connections between things or establish heirarchies of information, or make links between things that have something in common.  They can even be used to distinguish between things.  As you study, you might map a concept like acid/base balance by using a simple graphic organizer to make a map of the important information you know about acid/base balance.

For instance:

Using this style of graphic organizer or concept map, you can plot out information you need to remember about Acid - Base balance (scroll down to see it filled in).


You can then add to this as needed or as helps you learn and make connections, like this:


This can go on and on of course, and part of your job (and your professor's job) is to figure out what concepts and facts you need to know to understand the overall picture and, of course, which concepts and facts you need to do well in the course. 

These links below will lead you to several graphic organizers.  Play with them and use those that help you.  You can also find more by doing a search for graphic organizers.

Concept Map         Cause & Effect         Multi-layer layout


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