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“Groovin in the Hippocampus is amazing! The Bromfields have put complicated physiological concepts and pathways to music with accurate and often humorous lyrics. A great learning tool!" - Brenda Wiens, Ph.D., Professor of Biology

“Lisa Bromfield isn’t just any nursing student, Lisa learns by making music.  Lisa puts a different perspective into the learning community.  She has a creative talent that is essential to the world of learning, teaching and understanding the human body.  She relates the complex anatomy and physiology of the body and applies a musical note to help make the learning experience memorable.  Her songs are full of detail, color and are seasoned with a pedagogical tone so the listener hears the rhythmicity of the human body.  This rhythmicity allows for an easier understanding of such a wonderful, complex subject.” – Beth Pippin, MSN, NP, professor of nursing

“The song Menses, Menses really saved me on a test.” - Holly Spindle, nursing student

Lisa's songs put it all in perspective. They give you a handy song that you can sing in the shower, but that makes a complex subject understandable. Whenever you ask ,"How does this apply to me?" Just listen to Lisa! 
- Carolyn K. Riggleman, nursing student

Education with a twist of rhyme. A wonderfully spirited teaching tool.” - David Modestino, nursing student

“Patterns of learning involve many different patterns including the senses. Singing is a great way to help students in the study of A&P.” - Ann Simpson, MS, professor of A&P

"Oh my gosh, I can't believe how good that is!  The music is great. your vocal is great,  what a great idea."  - Gina Lowder, RN